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Tags have not the same values in LR than in exiftool

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Author Topic: Tags have not the same values in LR than in exiftool  (Read 2272 times)
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« on: October 29, 2012, 05:16:09 pm »

Hi Rob,

Exifmeta is a Great Plugin

I have found something strange:

One of Sony's Maker Tags is called 'Dynamic Range Optimizer' which may take a bunch of different values like 'Off' 'Auto' 'Lv1' 'Lv2' etc.

Exiftool displays the correct value but LR only displays either 'Off' for 'Off' or 'Standard' for all other values. How is this possible  ?

Example: (search for Dynamic Range Optimizer)

exifTool Version Number   9.03
File Name   DSC03736.JPG
Directory   Pictures/LRIMPORT/2012/2012-10-29
File Size   11 MB
File Modification Date/Time   2012:10:29 21:43:05+01:00
File Access Date/Time   2012:10:29 23:08:41+01:00
File Permissions   rw-r--r--
File Type   JPEG
MIME Type   image/jpeg
Exif Byte Order   Little-endian (Intel, II)
Make   SONY
Camera Model Name   SLT-A77V
Orientation   Horizontal (normal)
X Resolution   350
Y Resolution   350
Resolution Unit   inches
Software   SLT-A77V v1.06
Modify Date   2012:10:29 21:01:55
Artist   Jean Klein
Y Cb Cr Positioning   Co-sited
Copyright   Jean Klein
Exposure Time   1/8
F Number   4.5
Exposure Program   Program AE
ISO   100
Sensitivity Type   Recommended Exposure Index
Recommended Exposure Index   100
Exif Version   0230
Date/Time Original   2012:10:29 21:01:55
Create Date   2012:10:29 21:01:55
Components Configuration   Y, Cb, Cr, -
Compressed Bits Per Pixel   4
Shutter Speed Value   1/8
Aperture Value   4.5
Brightness Value   0.52890625
Exposure Compensation   0
Max Aperture Value   4.5
Metering Mode   Multi-segment
Light Source   Unknown
Flash   Off, Did not fire
Focal Length   45.0 mm
Panorama Full Width   0
Panorama Full Height   0
Panorama Direction   Right to Left
Panorama Crop Left   0
Panorama Crop Top   0
Panorama Crop Right   0
Panorama Crop Bottom   0
Panorama Frame Width   0
Panorama Frame Height   0
Panorama Source Width   0
Panorama Source Height   0
Rating   0
Brightness   0
Long Exposure Noise Reduction   On (unused)
High ISO Noise Reduction   Normal
HDR   Off; Uncorrected image
WB Shift AB GM   0 0
Face Info Offset   94
Sony Date Time   2012:10:29 21:01:55
Sony Image Height   4000
Sony Image Width   6000
Faces Detected   0
Face Info Length   37
Color Reproduction   Standard
Color Temperature   Auto
Color Compensation Filter   0
Scene Mode   Standard
Zone Matching   ISO Setting Used
Dynamic Range Optimizer   Lv1
Image Stabilization   On
Color Mode   Standard
Full Image Size   6000x4000
Preview Image Size   1616x1080
File Format   ARW 2.3
Quality   Extra Fine
Flash Exposure Compensation   0
White Balance Fine Tune   0
Sony Model ID   SLT-A77V
Teleconverter   None
Multi Frame Noise Reduction   Off
Picture Effect   Off
Soft Skin Effect   Off
Vignetting Correction   Auto
Lateral Chromatic Aberration   Auto
Distortion Correction   Auto
Lens Type   Tamron or Sigma Lens (128)
Lens Spec   18-200mm F3.5-6.3
Flash Level   Normal
Release Mode   Normal
Sequence Number   Single
Anti-Blur   On (Shooting)
High ISO Noise Reduction 2   n/a
Intelligent Auto   Off
White Balance   Auto
Sequence Shutter Count   1
Sequence File Number   0
Release Mode 2   Single Frame
Shot Number Since Power Up   1
Release Mode 3   Single Frame
Camera Orientation   Horizontal (normal)
Quality 2   JPEG
Flashpix Version   0100
Color Space   sRGB
Exif Image Width   6000
Exif Image Height   4000
Interoperability Index   R98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
Interoperability Version   0100
File Source   Digital Camera
Scene Type   Directly photographed
Custom Rendered   Normal
Exposure Mode   Auto
Focal Length In 35mm Format   67 mm
Scene Capture Type   Standard
Contrast   Normal
Saturation   Normal
Sharpness   Normal
Lens Model   18-200mm F3.5-6.3
GPS Version ID
GPS Status   Measurement Void
GPS Map Datum   WGS-84
GPS Differential   No Correction
PrintIM Version   0300
Compression   JPEG (old-style)
Image Description   
Thumbnail Offset   40340
Thumbnail Length   5410
XMP Toolkit   Adobe XMP Core 5.5-c002 1.148022, 2012/07/15-18:06:45
Creator Tool   SLT-A77V v1.06
Metadata Date   2012:10:29 21:02:59+01:00
Lens Info   18-200mm f/3.5-6.3
Lens   18-200mm F3.5-6.3
Document ID   A59A9D01E0995AE7B69A5CB30B3D829B
Original Document ID   A59A9D01E0995AE7B69A5CB30B3D829B
Instance ID   xmp.iid:21a094e7-3d0a-4615-9f9b-b9ad432412c1
Format   image/jpeg
Marked   True
Raw File Name   DSC03736.JPG
History Action   saved
History Instance ID   xmp.iid:21a094e7-3d0a-4615-9f9b-b9ad432412c1
History When   2012:10:29 21:02:59+01:00
History Software Agent   Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.2 (Macintosh)
History Changed   /metadata
Creator   Jean Klein
Rights   Jean Klein
Creator Work Email
Current IPTC Digest   8791e2ad532f7a2914c3913e40913fbd
Coded Character Set   UTF8
Application Record Version   4
Date Created   2012:10:29
Time Created   21:01:55
By-line   Jean Klein
Copyright Notice   Jean Klein
Copyright Flag   True
IPTC Digest   8791e2ad532f7a2914c3913e40913fbd
MPF Version   0100
Number Of Images   2
MP Image Flags   Dependent child image
MP Image Format   JPEG
MP Image Type   Large Thumbnail (full HD equivalent)
MP Image Length   285574
MP Image Start   11400125
Dependent Image 1 Entry Number   0
Dependent Image 2 Entry Number   0
Image Width   6000
Image Height   4000
Encoding Process   Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Bits Per Sample   8
Color Components   3
Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling   YCbCr4:2:2 (2 1)
Aperture   4.5
Date/Time Created   2012:10:29 21:01:55
Image Size   6000x4000
Lens ID   Tamron 18-200mm F3.5-6.3
Preview Image   (Binary data 285574 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent   1.5
Shutter Speed   1/8
Thumbnail Image   (Binary data 5410 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Circle Of Confusion   0.020 mm
Field Of View   30.1 deg
Focal Length   45.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 67.0 mm)
Hyperfocal Distance   22.30 m
Light Value   7.3


Aperture:    4.5
Circle Of Confusion:    0.020 mm
Date/Time Created:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
Field Of View:    30.1 deg
Focal Length:    45.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 67.0 mm)
Hyperfocal Distance:    22.30 m
Image Size:    6000x4000
Lens ID:    Tamron 18-200mm F3.5-6.3
Light Value:    7.3
Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent:    1.5
Shutter Speed:    1/8
Aperture Value:    4.5
Brightness Value:    0.52890625
Color Space:    sRGB
Components Configuration:    Y, Cb, Cr, -
Compressed Bits Per Pixel:    4
Contrast:    Normal
Create Date:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
Custom Rendered:    Normal
Date/Time Original:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
Exif Image Height:    4000
Exif Image Width:    6000
Exif Version:    0230
Exposure Compensation:    0
Exposure Mode:    Auto
Exposure Program:    Program AE
Exposure Time:    1/8
F Number:    4.5
File Source:    Digital Camera
Flash:    Off, Did not fire
Flashpix Version:    0100
Focal Length:    45.0 mm
Focal Length In 35mm Format:    67 mm
ISO:    100
Lens Info:    18-200mm f/3.5-6.3
Lens Model:    18-200mm F3.5-6.3
Light Source:    Unknown
Max Aperture Value:    4.5
Metering Mode:    Multi-segment
Recommended Exposure Index:    100
Saturation:    Normal
Scene Capture Type:    Standard
Scene Type:    Directly photographed
Sensitivity Type:    Recommended Exposure Index
Sharpness:    Normal
Shutter Speed Value:    1/8
White Balance:    Auto
ExifTool Version Number:    9.03
Bits Per Sample:    8
Color Components:    3
Current IPTC Digest:    8791e2ad532f7a2914c3913e40913fbd
Encoding Process:    Baseline DCT, Huffman coding
Exif Byte Order:    Little-endian (Intel, II)
File Type:    JPEG
Image Height:    4000
Image Width:    6000
MIME Type:    image/jpeg
Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling:    YCbCr4:2:2 (2 1)
GPS Differential:    No Correction
GPS Map Datum:    WGS-84
GPS Status:    Measurement Void
GPS Version ID:
Artist:    Jean Klein
Copyright:    Jean Klein
Make:    SONY
Camera Model Name:    SLT-A77V
Modify Date:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
Orientation:    Horizontal (normal)
Resolution Unit:    inches
Software:    SLT-A77V v1.06
X Resolution:    350
Y Cb Cr Positioning:    Co-sited
Y Resolution:    350
Compression:    JPEG (old-style)
Image Description:   
Make:    SONY
Camera Model Name:    SLT-A77V
Modify Date:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
Orientation:    Horizontal (normal)
Resolution Unit:    inches
Software:    SLT-A77V v1.06
Thumbnail Length:    5410
Thumbnail Offset:    40340
X Resolution:    72
Y Cb Cr Positioning:    Co-sited
Y Resolution:    72
Application Record Version:    4
By-line:    Jean Klein
Coded Character Set:    UTF8
Copyright Notice:    Jean Klein
Date Created:    2012:10:29
Time Created:    21:01:55
Interoperability Index:    R98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
Interoperability Version:    0100
MPF Version:    0100
Number Of Images:    2
Dependent Image 1 Entry Number:    2
Dependent Image 2 Entry Number:    0
MP Image Flags:    Representative image, Dependent parent image
MP Image Format:    JPEG
MP Image Length:    11392736
MP Image Start:    0
MP Image Type:    Baseline MP Primary Image
Dependent Image 1 Entry Number:    0
Dependent Image 2 Entry Number:    0
MP Image Flags:    Dependent child image
MP Image Format:    JPEG
MP Image Length:    285574
MP Image Start:    11400125
MP Image Type:    Large Thumbnail (full HD equivalent)
Copyright Flag:    True
IPTC Digest:    8791e2ad532f7a2914c3913e40913fbd
PrintIM Version:    0300
Anti-Blur:    On (Shooting)
Brightness:    0
Camera Orientation:    Horizontal (normal)
Color Compensation Filter:    0
Color Mode:    Standard
Color Reproduction:    Standard
Color Temperature:    Auto
Contrast:    0
Distortion Correction:    Auto
Dynamic Range Optimizer:    Standard
Exposure Mode:    Auto
Face Info Length:    37
Face Info Offset:    94
Faces Detected:    0
File Format:    ARW 2.3
Flash Exposure Compensation:    0
Flash Level:    Normal
Full Image Size:    6000x4000
HDR:    Off; Uncorrected image
High ISO Noise Reduction:    Normal
High ISO Noise Reduction 2:    n/a
Image Stabilization:    On
Intelligent Auto:    Off
Lateral Chromatic Aberration:    Auto
Lens Spec:    18-200mm F3.5-6.3
Lens Type:    Tamron or Sigma Lens (128)
Long Exposure Noise Reduction:    On (unused)
Multi Frame Noise Reduction:    Off
Panorama Crop Bottom:    0
Panorama Crop Left:    0
Panorama Crop Right:    0
Panorama Crop Top:    0
Panorama Direction:    Right to Left
Panorama Frame Height:    0
Panorama Frame Width:    0
Panorama Full Height:    0
Panorama Full Width:    0
Panorama Source Height:    0
Panorama Source Width:    0
Picture Effect:    Off
Preview Image Size:    1616x1080
Quality:    Extra Fine
Quality 2:    JPEG
Rating:    0
Release Mode:    Normal
Release Mode 2:    Single Frame
Release Mode 3:    Single Frame
Saturation:    0
Scene Mode:    Standard
Sequence File Number:    0
Sequence Number:    Single
Sequence Shutter Count:    1
Sharpness:    0
Shot Number Since Power Up:    1
Soft Skin Effect:    Off
Sony Date Time:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
Sony Image Height:    4000
Sony Image Width:    6000
Sony Model ID:    SLT-A77V
Teleconverter:    None
Vignetting Correction:    Auto
WB Shift AB GM:    0 0
White Balance:    Auto
White Balance Fine Tune:    0
Zone Matching:    ISO Setting Used
Directory:    /Users/jeanklein/Pictures/LRIMPORT/2012/2012-10-29
File Access Date/Time:    2012:10:29 22:44:09+01:00
File Modification Date/Time:    2012:10:29 21:43:05+01:00
File Name:    DSC03736.JPG
File Permissions:    rw-r--r--
File Size:    11 MB
Lens:    18-200mm F3.5-6.3
Lens Info:    18-200mm f/3.5-6.3
Raw File Name:    DSC03736.JPG
Creator:    Jean Klein
Format:    image/jpeg
Rights:    Jean Klein
Creator Work Email:
Date Created:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
XMP Toolkit:    Adobe XMP Core 5.5-c002 1.148022, 2012/07/15-18:06:45       
Document ID:    A59A9D01E0995AE7B69A5CB30B3D829B
History Action:    saved
History Changed:    /metadata
History Instance ID:    xmp.iid:21a094e7-3d0a-4615-9f9b-b9ad432412c1
History Software Agent:    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.2 (Macintosh)
History When:    2012:10:29 21:02:59+01:00
Instance ID:    xmp.iid:21a094e7-3d0a-4615-9f9b-b9ad432412c1
Original Document ID:    A59A9D01E0995AE7B69A5CB30B3D829B
Marked:    True
Create Date:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
Creator Tool:    SLT-A77V v1.06
Metadata Date:    2012:10:29 21:02:59+01:00
Modify Date:    2012:10:29 21:01:55
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« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2012, 10:59:58 pm »

Hi kleinjn,

I don't have a clue, just yet. Is "Dynamic Range Optimizer" the only item that's wonky in this way?

Send me an example photo (or link to) and I'll have a closer look.

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« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2012, 10:20:03 am »

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to know if you have received my mail with the test picture ?

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« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2012, 01:56:58 pm »

Yes. Sorry for the delay. Will have a look soon...
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