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01 Download ExifMeta

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Author Topic: 01 Download ExifMeta  (Read 16114 times)
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« on: February 12, 2011, 07:30:44 am »

This is the forum for discussing ExifMeta.

If you haven't already, please visit the ExifMeta main page:

Please feel free to start threads and reply as inspired, but please be respectful to others, and try to keep it constructive...

Revision History (reverse chronological order):

Version 5.11 Released 2015-01-17
- Changes to Exif Write function: variable increment when setting multi-photo capture time (used to be 1 second, fixed).

Version 5.10.1 Released 2015-01-16
- Changes to Exif Write function: fixed bug when more than 59 photos were having capture time repaired with "Increment Seconds" enabled.
(note: I also changed the algorithm and tags used, in order to fix a problem I'm not sure was even happening (long story) - if problems with new alg/tags, do tell..).
- Updated to latest version of exiftool: 9.82 (both platforms).

Version 5.10 Released 2015-01-10
- enhanced decoding of table values (e.g. RegionName) to support keyword assignment, i.e. table values can become applied keywords.

Version 5.9 Released 2015-01-08
- added decoding of table values (e.g. RegionName)
- added tagset support for source photo plugin.
- added copyright info to 'RC Standard' metadata viewing preset.

Version 5.8 Released 2014-12-03
- added tagset support for radial gradient metadata recently added to dev-meta plugin.

Version 5.7 Released 2014-09-04
- up-throttled auto-check frequency so photos will have exif metadata available sooner after import, if auto-update boxes are checked in plugin manager.

Version 5.6.2 Released 2014-08-29
- fixed default path for Mac to use exiftool built into plugin.
- fixed gps sign (in one of the presets).

Version 5.6.1 Released 2014-04-27
- Fixed bug affecting plugin manager presets with '-' (dash) or '+' (plus) in the name.

Version 5.6 Released 2014-01-15
- Added feature to 'Exif Write'  for auto-saving/reading metadata before/after modifying photo files, which is required to have metadata like capture-time take effect in Lightroom.

Version 5.5 Released 2013-10-30
- Added preset for decimal GPS (lat/long) format.

Version 5.4 Released 2013-09-17
- Added feature to force update exif metadata in catalog, even if "seemingly" already up to date.
- Added proper decoding (formatting) of GPS coordinates to default preset (and other presets).

Version 5.3 Released 2013-09-15
- Added feature to customize names and value formats.
- Added preset 'Nikon 51-pt Auto-focus' to take advantage of (and provide example for) custom value formatting (D600 & D90 users can easily customize by example, dunno how easy for cameras from other manufacturers).
- Updated to exiftool v9.36
- Mac Users: exiftool is now built-in for y'all too Smiley.
- Certified for Lr5.

Version 5.2 Released 2012-12-04
- Added option to redirect log output to preferred directory.
- Updated to exiftool v9.06

Version 5.1 Released 2012-09-12
- Added option to harvest metadata from xmp sidecars along with raw metadata.

Version 5.0 Released 2012-09-11
- Added feature to write changed exif metadata into source photo files, e.g. capture time, lens info...
- Updated built-in exiftool to v9.02

Version 4.0.2 Released 2012-06-04
- Updated default preferences (affecting RC Standard tagset) to use the new toolkit ID assigned to DevMeta (required to work around bugs in Lightroom 4's handling of custom plugin metadata).

Version 4.0 Released 2012-03-20
- Updated for Lr4.0 compatibility. Also includes tagset support for latest DevMeta 3.0, which was updated to support PV2012.
- Folder selection bug fixed.

Version 3.8.6 Released 2012-01-10
- Fixed bug that was causing error when employing the 'Interesting' filter, in some circumstances.

Version 3.8.5 Released 2012-01-01
- Fixed bug that was causing bigBlock access error after initial install before first commit.
- Upgraded built-in exiftool (Windows) to 8.70.

Version 3.8.4 Released 2011-09-21
- Added option in advanced settings to be able to specify alternate location for temp files, in case you have a faster drive you want to use for it.

Version 3.8.3 Released 2011-09-20
- Moved exiftool configuration from advanced settings to plugin manager.
- *** ExifTool v8.64 was causing problems for at least one user. If you have problem with it, download and install exiftool v8.63 (which is what's in the previous version of exif-meta (3.8.1) at the moment) and use it instead (point to the executable in plugin manager by clicking the 'Browse' button).

Version 3.8.2 Released 2011-09-17
- Broke update into 1000 photo chunks to help with the potential problem that a whole catalog update would not make it to the end, generally due to memory shortage. Thanks to Axel for bringing this to my attention.
- Updated to latest exiftool (8.64).
- Added check for missing photo, so a stat is logged instead of an error.
- Also made a change to pause background task while doing manual update.

Version 3.8.1 Released 2011-09-08
- Fixed bug in preset manager - it was requiring two tries to switch presets after switching to another plugin and back in plugin manager.

Version 3.8 Released 2011-09-06
- Added tagset support for my new NxToo plugin. If you don't use NxToo, you can skip this release...

Version 3.7.5 Released 2011-09-03
- Fixed bug: configuration of custom exiftool using advanced settings was broken. - thanks to Jim for pointing this out  Smiley

Version 3.7.4 Released 2011-08-26
- Reworked the plugin update function (plugin manager -> 'Update Plugin' button), so that future updates will never lose preferences nor require re-commital / reload after updating.

Version 3.7.3 Released 2011-08-24
- Fixed bug: error could occur if "big-block" enabled and update attempted without reloading plugin (Windows) or restarting Lightroom (Mac).

Version 3.7.2 Released 2011-08-24
- Fixed bug in ui, error message was: "comparing string with number".

Version 3.7.1 Released 2011-08-24
- Fixed syntax error and minor grammatical error.

Version 3.7 Released 2011-08-23
- Added button to plugin manager, for updating the plugin, and uninstall.

Version 3.6 Released 2011-08-20
- Added options for auto-update of all-selected and whole-catalog, leisurely, in background.
- +Changes to elare plugin framework...

Version 3.5.1 Released 2011-07-29
- Fixed Preset Manager, and tweaked error handling a bit.

Version 3.5 Released 2011-07-25
- Works with .txt or .lua config files - please let me know if any issues with this.
- Tooltips added to plugin manager UI widgets.

Version 3.4.4 Released 2011-07-25
- Better error message for "LrShell can't open ... in default app." - When this error happens, its usually because you don't have an app
  registered for .lua files. Have them be opened in a text editor, and you should be fine...

Version 3.4.3 Released 2011-07-16
- Fixed 'RC Standard' tagset so date-time-original is always displayed.

Version 3.4.2 Released 2011-07-07
- Made exifmeta fields read-only to avoid the misconception that they are editable/writable.

Version 3.4.1 Released 2011-07-06
- Fixed typo in config files (in Preferences folder) that resulted in 'Software' metadata item not being displayed as part of the 'RC Standard' tagset.

Version 3.4 Released 2011-06-25
- Enhanced so that if you delete the 'ExifMeta Updated' date/time-stamp, the photo will be re-updated.
  (this allows force updating on a per-photo basis, without having to return to the plugin manager and re-commit).

Version 3.3.1 Released 2011-06-24
- Updated exiftool to latest (v8.59). Fixes potential bug in handling D700, maybe other models (not D300).
  (affects windows version only - Mac users may want to download a new version of exiftool too).

Version 3.3.0 Released 2011-05-25
- Added tagset support for DevMeta's new fields: crop-width & crop-height.

Version 3.2.1 Released 2011-04-14
- Fixed update URL, and moved Big Block to below selected fields in 'RC Standard' tagset.

Version 3.2.0 Released 2011-04-14
- Added option to have all exif metadata for a photo as one big block of text. You can't use it in lib filters nor smart collections, but at least you can view all metadata for most selected photo in the panel.

Version 3.1.0 Released 2011-03-24
- Added tagset support for DevMeta's new fields: Pixel Count & Aspect Ratio

Version 3.0.1 Released 2011-02-27
- Fixed an error handling bug - errors were not being caught properly.

Version 3.0 Released 2011-02-24
- Re-cast to rely on the Elare Plugin Framework.
- Primary motivation for new version: enhance usability - you dont have to reload as often and its much easier to define metadata to include.
- Will not convert your metadata definitions from earlier versions, but its easy enough to redo.

Versions 1 - 2.2.1  Released 2010-08-02 - 2011-01-23 respectively
- Various incarnations - no longer documented.

Download ExifMeta (latest & greatest...)
Download a previous version (in case latest has problems...)
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